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Navigating the FCC Regulations on Explicit Consent

In this series of webinars, PX & Verisk Marketing Solutions explore the opportunities & pitfalls of the ruling and how technology solutions can pave the way for better consent-based customer acquisition. 

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Deep Dive Into the Problem At Hand

Dissecting the problem, offering insights on the potential impact of these changes.

Speakers: Michele Shuster (Mac Murray & Shuster), Bas Offers (PX), Eli Schwarz (Verisk)

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Roadmap to Dynamic Consent

Diving into a collaborative solution of Brand Explicit Consent by PX and VMS can be what the customer acquisition industry needs right now. 

Speakers: Bas Offers (PX), Eli Schwarz (Verisk)

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Solution in the Spotlight

Expert minds chip in on why they believe in this solution. They also explore other alternative solutions companies can take today.

Speakers: Matt Curtis (ADT); Gabe Allen (Royal United Mortgage), Bas Offers (PX), Eli Schwarz (Verisk)

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Your Questions Answered

Get the clarity you need on the rulings and its key impact when experts get together and answer frequently asked questions.

Speakers: Michele Shuster, Bas Offers, Eli Schwarz

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What is Brand Explicit Consent?

With Brand Explicit Consent, we aim to provide a solution for publishers and advertisers alike to match consumers in real-time, allowing consumers to opt-in to a limited number of advertisers or partners, before submitting the lead form. This will enable better and compliant user experiences. We aim to partner with established industry leaders like Jornaya by Verisk to provide improved verification and authentication.

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Regulatory Compliance

As per the new FCC guidelines, the advertiser contacting the end consumer should be mentioned explicitly at the point of consent capture


Dynamic Consent

The publisher will need to know who the buyer of the lead is in real-time before the consumer's TCPA consent, so the solution will dynamically populate the name of the advertiser into the consumer experience


Consent Verification Technology

Advertisers will check and verify that their name was present in the TCPA consent disclosure before they accept and call a lead through verification technologies like Jornaya/Verisk


Meet our Panel

Bas Offers

Co-founder & COO


Eli Schwarz

Chief Strategy Officer
Verisk Marketing Solutions

Michele A. Shuster

Managing Partner

Mac Murray & Shuster

Matthew Curtis

Director of Media Strategy & Business Development 


Gabe Allen


Royal United Mortgage

Opportunities are growing for advertisers, publishers, and service providers to leverage new channels and technology. Brand Explicit Consent is one such solution where your business can evolve with these business opportunities and not be left behind!

Know more about how our solution can support different consumer consent flows