Navigating FCC Rulings on Explicit Consent: Webinar Series by PX & Verisk Marketing Solutions

We appreciate your interest in our recent webinar series on FCC's explicit consent.
The webinar recordings are now available.

Key Takeaways:
How the TCPA landscape is changing
An overview of what the regulatory landscape looked like before the landmark TCPA 2013 ruling, after that, and what to expect after the current 2023 update
Legal implications
Examples of legal cases and penalties that have arisen due to non-compliance, indicating the financial and legal risks involved
Exclusive first sneak peak into the solution
PX and Verisk do a walkthrough of their solution and how the flows change based on different scenarios of consent
Strategies for obtaining and managing Explicit Consent
What are the existing range of campaigns that marketers can already adopt today to ensure consent-based customer acquisition


Ensure your business stays on the right side of these FCC rulings

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