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Don't Just Qualify. 

Right now all you do is qualification. Yes or No. Good or bad. But what good is qualifying leads if we have no way to quantify them? We need to move beyond binary qualification and answer the most simple and fundamental question there is: What are leads truly worth?

It’s time we stepped up our analysis. It’s time we let technology lead the way. It’s time for true quantitative valuations to drive your decisions at scale.

Get Pre-Vetted Leads 

PX Compliance team vets new partners, validates them for compliance, integrates them into the marketplace, and monitors their lead flow—all to set you up for success.

The last thing you want to do is spend time on a call with a completely unqualified lead. That’s why our in-house team pre-vets every single source.

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We do the basics too. Obviously.


Lead de-duplication

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Smart Filtering


Don’t Just Get More Leads. Get Better Leads.
Tired of using the “whack-a-mole" strategy when it comes to finding new publishers? Join the marketplace with hundreds of lead sources and have the tools you need to buy the right leads at the right price, every time.