How PX helped a Care Provider to scale their
patient acquisition
by 120% while reducing cost per acquired patient by over 50%


Company Profile

Our customer is a leading personalized primary care service provider to senior citizens. Their business helps elderly people take greater control of their health through preventative-focused regular checkups, thorough exams, and connecting to the services they need and deserve to reach health goals.


The Challenges

They asked us to help with the following challenges in their patient acquisition strategy:

Overpaying to schedule initial visits
Not having enough volume to scale further by only relying on digital channels
Missing a good balance between call center agents’ capacity and incoming prospect volume often results in having too many call center agents on call at a high cost.
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The Solutions


Piloting and scaling Call Verified Prospects
Prospects that are verified on the phone by supply partners’ agents with custom pre-approved scripts before being posted to CRM/Dialers​.

Grow Supply Base
Unlocking new channels and supply partners by constantly testing new ways to acquire new patients.


Sophisticated supply partner management
Using sophisticated supply partner management to bring cost per patient down through dynamic pricing, among others.

Marketing intelligence
Powerful, granular performance insights for refining and optimizing acquisition strategy. Replace guesswork with data-driven decisioning.

The Outcomes


Scaled Campaigns

120% increase in initial patient visits to their value care clinics, out of which 60% converted to longer term patients


Call Verified Campaigns

Scaled call verified volume consistently by 100% and now this product drives 30% of the
total volume of prospects


Reduce costs consistently

50% reduction in cost
per acquired patient


Diversified their partner mix

Include 45+ supply partners, and constantly growing

"We're all just super happy with how the call verified program is going. It's proving to be even more effective than we originally
thought it would. I'm happy with the tweaks we've made to it, and we're excited to scale that"

What are call verified campaigns?

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