Industry Leaders Share Their
Medicare Marketing Tactics

We appreciate your interest in our recent webinar, “ Industry Leaders Share Their Medicare
Marketing Tactics”. Don't worry if you missed it. The webinar recording is now available,
so you can watch it whenever it works for you.
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The Webinar Replay:

Key takeaways of the webinar:

Improve rapid disenrollment rates:
Understand why policyholders switch or rapidly disenroll and optimize your approach to retain your customers by following their shopping behaviour.
How to mitigate source volatility:
Don't keep all your eggs in one basket! Learn how access to 40+ sources can empower you to stay ahead and constantly test which publishers and campaigns work better for your ROI.
Strategic Lead routing:
Tailor your bids based on agent quality. Learn why and how bidding higher for premium agents can significantly boost your conversion rates.
Dynamic Bidding Strategies:
Discover why and how to bid more and allocate your media budget for publishers and campaigns that hit your business goals, ensuring enhanced ROI.
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Maximizing Answer Rate:
Optimize for your agent level analytics with technologies like Agent Availability API. See how an availability check for your inbound calls can boost your answer rate and reduce inefficiencies.
Master Programmatic Bidding:
Dont leave money on the table! Bid programmatically by getting granular with your bids based on attributes like publishers, campaigns, state, etc.


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PX is a Customer Acquisition Technology Platform with an embedded marketplace for sourcing new customers. PX provides access to hundreds of pre-vetted Medicare lead sources all from one platform representing over 20M+ Medicare prospects during Open Enrollment.

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